A bit of History

AQS – Auricular Quit Smoking is a program designed and built on many years of refining age old traditional  healing techniques of tribal leaders which was refined by French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950’s.  Read more about Nogier, click here: Dr. Paul Nogier

Dr. Nogier became aware of burn marks on the ears caused by Chinese traditional healers following ancient practices.  Once the feedback from the patients proved that it was effective in treating the various problems they used to have, Nogier was interested and found;

That just like the feet have reflex points and many issues can be diagnosed and treated with “reflexology” the ears (auricles)  also have reflex points and Nogier set off to map them, then created some protocols.

The optimum location of reflex points were later further refined with modern technologies such as MRI scans enabling scientists to map the brain responses and defining the reflex points more and more accurate.

Auricular Therapy is simply the treatment of reflex points on the auricles (outer ear lobes) of the person with either heat, pressure, needles, laser or electro impulse therapies.

The AQS method is electrical stimulation which is highly effective because the human body responds and reacts so well to electricity.

In short, by stimulating certain defined reflex point (meridians) on the human body with electrical impulses, certain measurable results can be achieved.  By combining specific reflex points into a protocol,  very specific treatments can be designed to treat many ailments and health related situations .

Life style challenges, such dependency on smoking, uncontrollable eating, anxieties, stress,  pain, headaches and many other wellness problems can be successfully treated.

AQS – Auricular Quit Smoking Protocol is focused on Cigarette Dependency (Nicotine Addiction) by stimulating 19 specific reflex points on each ear with an electrical micro modulated current of Nogier Frequencies using a stimulus device.

The AQS protocol is designed to make quitting smoking QUICK, COMFORTABLE, SAFE and VERY EFFECTIVE!

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