Frequently Asked Questions

By now you would be VERY excited about what you’ve read so far, but naturally, you’d be thinking it sound too good to be true, HOW is this possible, So many QUESTIONS!

We were just like that when we heard about Auricular Therapy for the first time and had to research on-line what it is, how it works, DOES it work, etc.

It literally took a leap of faith from us to start this therapy back in 2011!  During all our research we could only find the many good things said about the therapy.  That gave us the confidence and after reading about the many professional therapists and medical doctors who, not only supporting it, but using it, we knew we found something extraordinary.

Now, after more than six years using Electro-Auricular therapy, and after treating more than a 1500 customers, we can naturally be very confident about our program.

The technology and our tried and tested personalised program works so well that we can offer the therapy with confidence to any smoker and guarantee their success.   To request information on a booking, Click HERE

People who are interested to open their own Auricular Therapy business, or add AQS it to an existing wellness business are more than welcome to contact us.  To get started with the business application, Click HERE!

You may still want to know more, so here follows a most common questions we get, allow us to answer them as best we can.

Q: How does it work?

A: AQS utilizes alternative healing therapy, based upon ancient eastern traditions utilising modern technologies to apply activation to specific energy points on the outer ear (Auricles) combining a number of points which results in a protocol for what the customer is looking for, Quit Smoking, Losing Weight, Insomnia, Stress, Pain and many more. By stimulating these points, the body’s own healing processes, metabolism, neurotransmitters and receptors kicks into gear and effects the desired results.

Q: What is Auricular Therapy, where does it come from?

A: Auricular Therapy is the legacy of a French Neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier, to read more about it: Click Here

Q: But does it really work?

A: Absolutely, feel free to visit our TESTIMONIAL page and read about it: Click Here

Q: How Much does it COST!

A: To quit smoking can cost up to many thousands of currency, however with AQS we can show that it is not going to cost you more than what smoking is already costing you, after 3 months you are saving ALL your smoking money, every month, for ever! See the AQS Cost Calculator: Click Here

Q: What is included in the amount?

A: Included in the amount is:

  1. Evaluation on your wellness, information you provide for us to discuss the impact on the program.
  2. Determining your nicotine dependency (addiction Test)
  3. Assessment of your readiness to quit at this moment.
    AQS has special software to calculate the dependency, takes your measured CO levels in your breath and all your personal parameters into account and calculates an individualized therapy session for YOU.
  4. A one-on-one consultation discussing smoking, the effects of smoking and the methods to manage quit smoking.
    We will also explain how AQS therapy works to assist you over the first 21 days and what to do afterwards when you leave the AQS therapy center.
  5. The first therapy session on a day soon after the first consultation where the customer throws away their cigarettes. Our customers receive aftercare in the form of personal e-mails and our lines remain open for any questions and need.
  6. The second therapy session is mandatory and scheduled for 3-4 days after the first one.
  7. The 3rd Therapy session is scheduled based on progress and may be banked for later.  (A 4th and 5th (not included) therapy sessions are available but VERY rarely required.)

Q: What if I’m not ready?

A: We don’t force anyone to quit smoking.  Our readiness questionnaire during the first session will clearly prove if you are ready or not.  In the event the customer is not ready, we’ll postpone the process and let the customer go home and come back whenever they are ready.  YES, we have send people home to reconsider, most come back a month or 3 later and then successfully complete the AQS program.

Q: Can I buy only ONE session?

A: NO.  To quit comfortably and remain SMOKE FREE the AQS program which includes all the above.

It is necessary to ensure you have the best chance ever to beat smoking (Dependency and Habits) to understand all about how to remain smoke free.
In the unlikely event live throws you a curve ball and you feel challenged, you can of course purchase the extra sessions (4th and 5th) at customer reduced price to remain smoke free.

Q: Can you really Quit Smoking after the first session!

A: YES, AQS Auricular therapy is effective enough to result in smokers who smoked 40+ cigarettes a day for 30+ years to not HAVE to smoke after the 1st session, after the 2nd session, the ex-smoker is already so comfortable they either postpone the 3rd session, or say, hey, I like the relaxation so much, I’ll just come for safety.

Q: What is your success rate?

A:  Auricular therapy is certainly the most successful method to quit, especially if you buy AQS therapy which gives full coaching and full aftercare.  That said, we achieve about 90% success rate after 3 months.  The only reason why anyone would not be able to succeed with AQS is if they weren’t really ready for a smoke free life.  Some smokers are just not mature enough, not fed-up enough.

Q: Which groups or types of people has the worst success rate?

A:  After 6 years, 1500 smokers treated in our own centre, we can honestly say, no difference in gender, no difference in ethnic group, no difference in how many they years smoked and no difference in how many they smoked on daily basis.  The only difference we could detect is that smokers under 30 years tends to be less intense about quitting.  They haven’t really experienced the impact of smoking.  If we may add one thing, it seems to be that the more addicted the smoker is, the bigger the result.  

Q: From what age do you treat?

A: AQS mainly focus on the mature smokers who have smoked and quit, smoked and quit a number of times and reached a point of almost desperation, nothing has worked.  With that said, it naturally means we are attracting the 30+ year old smoker who smoked for 12+ years and smokes 20 or more a day on average.  We’ve treated smoker who smoked 50 a day for 40 years and they could quit after first session and remain smoke free.  Naturally, sometimes a youngster would call and wants to quit, wants to start a family, can’t compete as good as they would like in sport, found and new romantic partner who doesn’t smoke and obviously, we’ll not send anyone away.  YES, the AQS treatment also worked for them since they had a reasonable motivator.

Q: Is it Guaranteed?

A: YES, AQS program is guaranteed that any smoker will become smoke free based on the smoker’s full participation and honesty.  In the even the customer does follow the program and after 3 treatments is not smoke free yet, we’ll add 2 more treatments for FREE.  In 6 years, that only happened ONCE out of 1500 customers and it was a recovered drug addict which we felt we’ll go in all the way no matter what to achieve the success.

Q: Is it Acupuncture, I don’t like needles!

A: NO!, Auricular Therapy we use is a light micro current modulated with specific frequencies applied  to the outer ear lobe and it is non-invasive.

Q: Is it hypnotherapy or any of that “Voodoo” stuff!

A: NO, AQS Auricular Therapy is completely natural and safe, no funny stuff.

Q: Is it painful? I hear from someone it was unbearable!

A: NO! It is NOT supposed to be pain full, if set correctly the pulses are noticeably strong but the customer quickly become used to it and believe it or not, many fall asleep during the therapy.  If the customer happens to be highly sensitive, the therapist will set the intensity way down to where it is completely acceptable.

If the customer doesn’t tell the therapist it is hurting, they would not know.  Our latest therapy calculator caters for all eventualities and the therapist is totally in control to reduce intensity base don feedback.

Q: How soon after the treatment does it start to work?

A: Everyone is different, just like some people need 3 headache tablets to make pain go away and another one needs only one, we can’t say for certain, but on average it works already well by the next day and by day 3 it is really going well!  In many cases our customers say right after the treatment they feel sleepy and feel a light buzz.

Q: Will I have NO cravings for smoking after?

A: AQS Therapy rapidly diminishes the nicotine cravings.  You may still have a moment or two which doesn’t last long if you follow our recommendations during the therapy to manage you thoughts!  After 3 days you are physically relieved from nicotine.  Memories remain, but we’ll teach you how to manage those and after 21 days you’ll be almost forgetting that you smoked.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: NO bad or undesired side effects.  You may feel sleepy, some women reported feeling a bit emotional, or even silly.  Heightened sensations and calmness helps customers realize the therapy works!

Q: Are there some smokers that fail?

A: Yes, some smokers find out afterwards that they just can’t live a smoke free life just yet.  Some of them return to our centre and restart from scratch and succeed, some never comes back but believe it or not, never accuse us of anything, in fact, some refer people to us.  They are very clear that they did not follow what we recommended, are NOT angry and always will say, it worked for me until I decided to restart smoking.

Q: What Happens if I one day make a mistake and smoke a few, and then relapse?

A: Once you quit, you can’t flirt with Nicotine, it is too a strong substance and relapse is real.  If that happens, you can at any time return to AQS and restart the program as the “old” Customers’ price.  It happens and we are always welcoming smokers back, we just don’t like any unhappy smokers out there!

Q: Does my Medical Aid Pay for this?

A: Smoking is not considered a medical condition, it is classified as a behavioral condition.
As much as your medical aid didn’t pay for the cigarettes, is it fair to expect them to pay for you to quit.

Some medical aid wellness programs may have a reward program.
Contact them directly and ask if they may assist after you’ve quit smoking and a blood test proves you haven’t smoked for 3 months.

Your LIFE INSURANCE will definitely welcome their lower risk and reward you with reduced monthly premiums.

Q: My dad/uncle just put it down after 50 years, just like that, why can’t I!

A: The mere fact you are on this web page tells us that you have tried that already, numerous times.  Don’t beat yourself up, no two people are the same, addiction (dependency) is very much different from one person to another.  It is NOT that they had more will power, or you have less.  You may just be inclined to have a higher addiction to the nicotine and naturally, you need assistance!

Q: Can I Book NOW and come today!

A: You can request the information today, read through it and respond right away to Book your first session, the consultation part.  However, we do have scheduled bookings and may not have an opening right away, so it may be that tomorrow or the day after we can start your process.

Of course you may have a few more questions, however, kindly complete the request for information form, submit and we’ll send you the information by e-mail.  Click Here

During the first consultation we’ll spend about an hour discussing everything you’d like to know and answering all your last questions.

See you soon!

Thank You.