The Unfair Advantage:

Electro-Auricular Therapy has an “unfair” advantage over the other methods because it achieves more than acceptable resulst in a much shorter time, quit smoking is not a “drag” anymore.

Apart from that, Electro-Auricular Therapy is totally safe; the worst that can happen is either not much, or nothing.  Naturally, our customers are excited about the effective and comfortable way the treatment effect the fantastic results we achieve.

The therapy does NOT induce any more chemicals and concoctions into the body while it triggers a number of organs, which may be suffering from known or unknown health conditions, to start cleaning itself, initiating the restoration process right away!

This is also very good news for smokers who are recovered addicts (alcohol and drugs) who can take the AQS therapy with confidence as they’ll not be exposed to the risk of a relapse associated with taking medications to quit smoking!

People with Life Threatening Diseases, such as Cancer and taking Chemotherapy can take the treatment either before or after the course without any risk.  Regrettably with COPD it is too late and quit smoking will not help.

People suffering from Life Style Diseases, such as hyper-tension, obesity, and the likes can be treated and guess what, your body can heal if you just give it a chance!

Your Doctor will be cheering you on!

People who suffer from Epilepsy, especially light epilepsy can be treated safely, as long as you inform your therapist and just bring someone along to assist.

People with severe Epilepsy (violent attacks) need their medical doctor’s blessing, maybe AQS can perform the treatment in the doctors consulting room, in case an attack realize because of the excitement or anxiety associated with the big decision.

People taking Light Chronic Medicine for e.g.  Hypertension, Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Pain can absolutely be treated, we even have specific protocols to add to Quit Smoking therapies to help you to become much better!

People taking Strong Chronic Medicine can be treated after their GP confirmed he is aware and give the go ahead that there are no other threats one may be unaware of.

Pregnant women can take the AQS Auricular therapy provided they are outside their 1st trimester and baby has no serious problems (Other than mother’s smoke)

A quick check with your GP to confirm the baby hasn’t gotten any health issues will always be supported by the doctor to quit asap!

The only time Electro-Auricular Therapy is NOT recommended, is for smokers with HEART PACE makers.  

Regrettably, the risk (which is always there) may results in anomalies for which AQS can not accept any risk.  In those cases we’d recommend Laser and/or beads which are less effective, but is the best option.

AQS may at it’s discretion offer laser therapy in such situations.

In short, ANYONE (except those with heart pace makers) can be treated with Auricular Therapy at no risk and achieve high effective results.

Because of the effectiveness, the treatment to Quit Smoking costs less than what the smoker would have smoked in 3 months anyway!

Now that is an unfair advantage!