This is just a small selection of testimonials we accumulated over the last 6 years.

The list is long, more than 1500 smokers treated in our Auricular Centre over 6 years and so many people thanking us for changing their lives, but we only picked a few….. however, we remember all!

We can just say THEY were the brave people who, at a time of desperation, took the courage to try ONE more time and succeeded.

We now have scores of non-smokers that are already 6 years, 5 years, 4 years, 3 years, 2 years and 1 year smoke free and reading through these few listed testimonials you’ll notice some say just a few words, some want to just let it out!!

All of them, equally proud and happy!

Thank You all, you also made our days better!

Marius Hattingh
So… Today I received an email stating that it has been 30 days since I went to AQS and decided to quit smoking! 30 days!!! I am amazed how easy it was. The longest I was able to hold out by going ‘Cold Turkey’ was about 2 – 3 weeks, but it was a massive effort. With AQS the last 30 days was a breeze!

TESTIMONIAL from a daughter:

“I just wanted to extend my warmest gratitude to Ma’am and the AQS programme. It has been a whole year since my Dad, Ernst Nganjone, stopped smoking after 40 years. I STILLED CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! Dad had no relapse and the effect on his health is tremendous. Honesty, I never thought I’d see my Dad like this, even his mood has changed.”

“Keep doing the wonderful work that you do, keep changing lives.. I will eternally be grateful to you.”

Many, mant thanks.

Wiltrud Janse Van Rensburg:

AQS – I am Adrianus Janse van Rensburg (Adriaan)
I smoked 20+ cigarettes a day. I heard about AQS and on 18 Dec.2012 I made an appointment with AQS.

My wife and me went for my first treatment on that night. I was amazed after that treatment what change it brought to my life. Guess what…..
I was suppose to go for 4 more treatments, BUT I DID NOT GO EVEN FOR THE SECOND ONE, CAUSE I QUIT SMOKING!!! THIS IS THE BEST TREATMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN, since I tried all the tablets but all in vain, I never stopped, but NOW I AM 31 DAYS SMOKE FREE AND I FEEL WONDERFUL AND I AM PROUD OF MYSELF AND MY WIFE TOO!!!
So to everyone who wants to quit, read my testimonial.
Thanx to the AQS team, you 
are brilliant, hope u get more and more people in this world to QUIT!! Just call AQS AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT,


Wallace Beukes
Going for almost 2 years without smoking. Thank you AQS.

Oswald Rall Theart:
Drie jaar en twee maande skoon na oor die drtig jaar rook danksy AQS

Kuka Zimmermann
Yes !! Tomorrow i’m 12 months smoke free 

Vivienne Joan Amos
Nearly two years smoke free with the help of a.q.s

Marietta Silver
Dit het gewerk vir my! Amper al 2 jaar rookvry na amper 15 jaar as ‘n roker.

Hester Mouton
Hi there AQS Team and Friends
We just wanna share with you, today it’s been one year since we last smoke and it feels great
Thank You

Michelle Reid
I had AQS treatment, 2 months ago & have not smoked since. Having smoked for 30 years, pretty hard core
really, and having tried many, many different methods & substitutes…quite frankly ALL Of them, this is the
one that has worked for me. HOWEVER, for me, I had reached a point of having had enough, and took on my
goal from many different levels. We are spiritual, mental & physical beings & to me that is how I have
overcome this addiction. AQS helped without a doubt, ease the physical cravings, so my work was focused on
the habit, the mental programming, with hypnosis & meditation, and the spiritual, being good to
myself…yoga, meditation, breathing, walking, cooking…..THANK YOU so much Isabella & AQS for helping
me…I still actually can’t believe it as it’s been a pest in my life for such a long time. Now I can move onto
more important things in life, and there are many, but I found it hard to move forward with this back shadow
in the way! Much love & blessings and ALL the best to anyone wishing to quit & reading this, YOU CAN DO IT
because I DID! Xxx

oh, and 1 more thing…what I love about AQS is that it is not harmful to your body, no Champix, Zyban, with goodness knows what side effects are going on in the brain… but rather based on ancient healing techniques…I have a lot of faith in these meridians & energy lines & receptors etc

Alicia Seemann
I had my last cigarette June 29, 2012 before I had an AQS treatment. I’m still smoke free… And don’t miss anything about being a smoker!
Thanks AQS!

Klaske Swartz
Hi. I am almost 7 months a non smoker. I went in May for the first time and after 4 treatments, i am a non smoker.
Thank you guys.

Robin Joy Hanslo
I had my last cigarette Sep 2011 and I’m still smoke free after being treated at AQS! Thank You AQS and Dirk Hansen for referring me.

Liana Brown
Ek het my twee maande rookvry oorskry, en voel tonne beter.
Baie dankie.

Kate du Toit
Well done .. my husband and friend have now been smoke free for 11 weeks … and going strong .. both had tried lots of other methods, and to be honest did not go in with a positive attitude .. but .. neither of them have smoked since their treatment .. an amazing system.

Geraldine Van Niekerk Schrader
Ek het in Oct 2011 N$1950 betaal en is glad nie spyt nie. Dis n once off payment dan kry jy soveel sessies soos nodig. Ek het drie gehad en is steeds smoke free… 

Celia Visagie Coetzer
I went to AQS Swakopmund and after 34 years of smoking between 20 & 40, I’ve been smoke free for 2 months now !

Walter Steckel 
Dit het vir my gewerk!! En ek het alles al geprobeer !!
Thanx AQS

Marie Bamberger Prinsloo
Believe me it works!!!!!

Linda Gravett Pellow
Hi, it def was worth the wait one week today, its great to be smoke free and thanks to you for introducing AQS to all of us, the best thing l ever did and l am proud to tell everyone about AQS.

Zillian Felix
Its official! 2 months nicotine free. Neva thought I’d make it this far.
Thanx A.Q.S
Ek kan nie genoeg spog oor ek vandag n jaar gelede my laaste sigaret gerook het nie.
Dit was 
die beste besluit wat ek ooit kon neem en dit alles was met AQS se hulp.
Dankie AQS!!

Andre Francois Bennett
After 34 yrs of intense smoking AQS helped me to quit . Today 4 yrs later I’m still free from the adiction, thanks to AQS in Swakop.
Get your mind right before you decide to quit and stick to that mindset.

Ricardo Van Wyk
This month end its exactly 1 year and 5 months i stoped with aqs. this is working i only went for 2 sesions and there is not even a graving

Riana V D Westhuizen
Two months smoke free yesterday! Best step i ever took. No withdrawals… No headaches and much less irritability this time with AQS.

2 months today smoke free & feeling GREAT 🙂 It almost feels like I never smoked before, I’ve almost forgotten that I used to be a smoker 🙂 if everyone who smoked understood how easy it is to quit smoking at AQS, there would be very few smokers left in the world 😉
I still feel like I am bursting with energy & absolutely loving the health rewards –
From our client Louise.

Annemarie De Vries 
I DID IT!!!!
2 years and 8 months and still going strong!
Thank you AQS😊

Rellyn Fainsinger Detlof-Wismer 
Just had my 2nd yr ANNIVERSARY.
Thank You .

Loraine Smit 
Went for one treatment four years ago and never touched a cigarette again!!!!

AQS thank you!!!

Beryl Rüdiger 
Thanks to AQS, it’s now been 6 years and never a day of wanting to start again !!

Gerhard Gerber
One year nicotine free today,
thanks AQS…

Bokkie Theron:
This truly was the best thing I did for myself this year. You guys made me feel at ease, very friendly and very helpful…Erika you are my hero for 2011…Thanks a million. Guys this work, you will be stupid not to try it, I smoked for more than 17 years and stopped in one hour!

Liana Kotze:
All I can say is…if I could quit, then anyone can quit! I smoked for more than 20 years, thirty to forty siggies a day…all I did was to make that commitment and AQS did the rest! thank you guys! I’m soooo proud of myself and I’ve already saved more than a thousand!

Lynn Schatzi Strydom

11 January 2016
61 days since I last lit up a cancer stick and suffocated myself. 
I had my first treatment on 10 November 2015 and have way more sunnier days since then 🙂 I used to smoke up to 15 cigarettes a day, and in the last year smoked rollies (with tobacco).
My body and future thanks you AQS

Cliché alert! But quite honestly, I can’t believe how easy it was (and has been), how fast time has gone by, how long it took me to make the final call and the difference I feel and see, in/on my body. I also have less worry and am so relieved and extremely proud of myself!Toughest days for me were day 2, 3, 7 and 21 and I would highly recommend AQS if you’re serious about choosing life. The treatment itself, is 20 minutes each ear and not painful at all. (if you experience any pain tell your consultant because they can change the intensity). You lay on a very comfy lazy boy (it massages your bum) with your feet up, watching beautiful sceneries and listening to relaxing music. Your consultant will put all your details into the system and with a wand like instrument start holding it on specific pressure points around your ears. I promise you this is not painful, I fell asleep in my first treatment.

I would suggest to choose the time of your first treatment so you are able to go home, have a snack and sleep till the next day. Then, the next week, make sure you always have gum and snacks with you. Vienna’s, carrot sticks (with hummus for me), cherrie tomatoes, avo, biltong, droe wors, any and all healthy snacks you can think of. This helped me so much!!! And do not wait for day 21 or whatever, after every day that you complete, CELEBRATE because you deserve it, you made it through another day not smoking, choosing life and doing your body, children, family and future so good!!!

I promise you, it is so worth it. Just remember that.

The 2k might seem a lot, but it’s either that one payment of 2k or a lifetime of 2k for suffocating yourself. Actually, I think it is extremely cheap to pay 2k for something that will last a lifetime (and has only benefits) than for something you burn out in less than 10minutes (and has only disadvantages).

Everyone has their own experience, but the end results are all the same – A BETTER LIFE ♥

Thank you my dearest therapist.

………. and many, many more….