Welcome to the Media Training Page.

The aim of the videos is to show you some background we feel is accurate and representing our experience with Auricular Therapy and best harmonizes with our technology.

The first video, Dr Nasso and testimonials, is a gem!

It has so much in common with what we experience weekly for over 6 years since we started providing Auricular Quit Smoking Therapies!

It represents some testimonials from American customers who enjoyed the Auricular Therapy concepts we use.

They were were willing to go on camera and talk about their experiences.

Many ex smokers feel they are so over smoking and are not willing to go on camera about something they would rather forget and are not proud of and we have to respect that.

Most feel they’ve done it, had their “fun”, but now it’s the past and wish they never smoked.

NOTE: The AQS protocol is much more advanced and complete now for even better experience and results.

The second Video, Nicotine and Dopamine Deficiency illustrates how the Dopamine levels in the human body responds to external stimulants, in this case, Nicotine.

The third Video, Smoking Addiction explains the dependency created by Nicotine which causes the smoker to need to smoke again and again, until they quit.

We will add some more shortly!