The most common questions we receive from smokers about the AQS therapy by e-mail, text or calling in are:

  1. How does it work?           – Electro-Auricular NON-Invasive therapy on the outer ear, painless, comfortable.
  2. Is it successful?                – Absolutely, see our testimonials page.
  3. When can I book?            – As soon as you’ve requested the information pamphlet which details the process.
  4. How much does it cost?  – See below.

Each AQS centre may set their own pricing for their own business plan, however the recommendation is to calculate the value by taking into account the costs incurred by smokers smoking a monthly quota of 20 cigarettes a day for 3 months.

Note, smoking a packet of 20 cigarettes for 3 months is a monetary cost the smoker will incur anyway.  Since our customers quit right away, the saving starts right away, so investing your next three months smoking money into your own health now, results in you becoming smoke free right away and in 3 months, you’ll be saving your monthly smoking money for as long as you want!

Calculating the recommended price, based on 90 days and at R 28.00 per packet, the answer would be R 2,520.00

If you are in any of the other countries, you can make your own calculation in your currency using your average brand cigarette costs, but the therapy is based on that amount.  See our calculator below!

Some people may smoke more, or smoke less, some may be smoking cheaper cigarettes, some may smoke only top brands which means your 3 months smoking costs may be higher or lower than the recommended figure…but eventually you’ll save much more than the AQS therapy would cost.

Let’s calculate how many cigarettes you’ve smoked, what the smoking cost you and how much you’ll save by quitting with AQS.

Yes, we know that you didn’t pay today’s prices for cigarettes way back when you started, however, let’s just offset that against what you could have earned by paying debt or invested in long term savings accounts.

Your nearest AQS centre may have incentive/reward and package deals for you, so please complete the request for booking information form under the Bookings tag, drop down to you nearest center.

In the event there is not yest an AQS centre, why not become part of the AQS Business and help smokers all around you quit smoking?  See the start an AQS business page.