The AQS – Auricular Quit Smoking program can only be offered by a suitably trained Auricular Therapist with specialized Equipment, Hardware and Software.

Our personalised program is designed to assist smokers “who’ve tried it all” and or have “quit many times” and are simply “Fed Up” of trying and failing.

Although many people mange to quit smoking by “just putting it down”, many people can not, that is

why you are reading this.

Don’t feel despair, not everyone is the same, some people need 3 headache tablets, some need only 1 to get rid of a headache, some can quit Nicotine on their own, some just can not.


The best news is, YES, everyone CAN QUIT SMOKING!

The next few pages under this header will provide some more interesting information to help you understand enough to gain confidence to fill out the request for booking form, submit it and the rest, as they say, will be history.